Thursday, June 7, 2018

Jersey knit maxi dress pattern

What do you think of when you hear the word “summer”?

You may think of summer holidays, the beaches, the countryside, the pools, or having fun in the sea, right?

To me, what I think of the most is the heat – and how to go out in the sun not being burnt, and still look stylish! Don’t tell me I am too obsessed with the sunlight. If you live near equator, you will understand the feeling of baring your skin under the scorching sunlight – it is not easy at all. Most of the time I go out during daytime, I put on hat, sunglasses and sunscreen. But how about the clothing? I don’t like wearing pants and jeans at all, they are not very comfortable in the hot and humid weather. I prefer a full length maxi dress to finish covering myself from head to toe :)

I love to wear maxi dresses, especially jersey knit maxi dresses. They are soft, breathable and great at absorbing sweat. And they do say ‘summer!’ Who would not love going out in a comfortable dress and still looking good? Put on a straw hat and a pair of nice flats, and you are ready for anywhere! From the beach to the countryside to the shopping mall, under the bright sun or in the shades of coconut trees.

I am sharing with you here the pattern for the full-length jersey knit dress. I still put the neckline interfacing here, but you can skip it to use a bias binding for the neckline. For the side seams, you can sew them straight to the end of the seams, or just sew them half the way down to have one or two side slits. The slit help you show of some leg and make the dress less boring.

The jersey maxi dress is actually very easy to cut but is a bit tricky to sew. Jersey knit may be a headache for beginners because of its stretchy nature. I used to avoid sewing patterns with jersey knits when I start sewing but it changed after a lot of trials and errors. At first, I thought I could never sew a nice garment with knits using my domestic sewing machine. But then I found some tips for sewing with jersey knit here. Now I can sew jersey knits with just my domestic sewing machine without any problem! Don’t be afraid of knit fabrics – they are not scary at all!

The pattern is created in pdf format. You download the pattern of your size (check in the Size Chart) and print it on A4 paper at actual size/no scaling/100%. There is a test square where you can check if the pattern is printed true to size. If your size is different from the one shown in my blog, please comment your measurements below, and I will make a pattern closest to your measurements. I can create the pattern in other paper sizes (A0 to A4, Letter, Tabloid), so please inform me if you need them.

Again, happy sewing! I hope to see your masterpiece!
Tiên the Little Sewist

Download links for the jersey knit maxi dress:

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